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Google Earth Climate Introductory Tour (short version)

change climate

Christmas Day is an annual holiday celebrated on December 25 that commemorates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

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Urban Legent

lesson A unit 3

the Llorona is a legendary native of Mexico, well known in other Latin American countries. This is a woman who loses her children and turned into a banshee, the searches in vain, your tears disturbing to hear that. Although there are many versions of the story, the main facts are the same?There were various theories about the ghostly unknown to the people, by their perpetual grief, began calling the Llorona.
Some urban legends have passed through the years with only minor changes to suit regional variations

Urban Legent

Lesson A Unit 3
The Silbon

The Eurasian is amazing ghost in the plains of Venezuelan. Those who have seen (and survived) say that it has to be a man anatomically disproportionate, very tall and slender, measuring about six feet, and while moving above the treetops, it emits a blood-curdling hiss.

Legend has it that is the soul in torment of a child who was very spoiled. One day he told his dad he wanted to eat guts, for his delay was to find his father and seeing that brought nothing, killed his father. The Eurasian attacks men and drunken revelers, to which the navel sucks pull their liquor.If you feel the hiss very strong, is that far away, but if it's the reverse, is right behind you. To save, remember what happened.

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